UNESCO World Heritage list on December 17, 1994

Safranbolu the present to carry all the characteristics of traditional Turkish society life and have kept against time by itself Gasgas, Hittites, Cimmerians, Lydians, the Persians, the Hellenistic Kingdoms, the Romas, Byzantine, the Seljuk, Cobanoguları, Candarogulları and Ottomans had ruled the city. This cultural richness of Safranbolu and its wide natural presence has caused it to be known as World Heritage City.

With its untouched historical texture Safranbolu still preserves the Turkish city history today. Safranbolu was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list on December 17, 1994 with historic buildings such as wooden houses, stone streets, inns and baths in the region.

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Safranbolu rich cultural heritage, Old Bazaar region attracts local and foreign tourists. City Historical Museum, Clock Tower, Old Prison Building, Cinci Inn and Baths and Hıdırlık Cruise Terrace are some of the places that should be visited.

Karabük University Tourism Faculty Practice Guesthouse, the place where our activity will take place in the antique region, is within walking distance of historical and touristic places to visit Karabük University Tourism Faculty Practice Guesthouse is a place where natural beauty and calm dominates, and in our activity which we will perform in a wooden building reflecting the historical texture of the Old Bazaar region, we offer our guests a pleasant and productive weekend.


It is one of the seventeen settlements fort he Yoruk tribes in Anatolia. Historical mansions, fountains, stone streets and friendly local people and Safranbolu tradition and Safranbolu tradition and architecture are seen.


The Crystal Glass Terrace, which has a height of 80 meters and a width of 11 meters on the Tokatlı Canyon, can carry 75 tons of weight. Crystal Glass Terrace resembles Georgia and Arizona in the world. The view of Tokatli Canyon can be seen from the Crystal Glass Terrace.



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